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Here at Canadian Wealth, we offer two distinct services designed to help entrepreneurs at every stage of their venture: CanStart for those just getting started, and Easy VC for the established entrepreneur looking to connect with investors.


We support you from the ground up.
From the first month of your venture to the first year and beyond, we guide entrepreneurs through the startup process.
We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Our hands-on approach connects you to tailored business services at startup friendly costs. We collaborate with industry experts to house the following services in one convenient hub:
- IT solutions
- Business coaching
- Writing services
- Media content
- Payroll
- Legal service referrals
So whether you’re looking to build a website, write a business plan, or incorporate, we can help you get started. Take the next step with us today.


We connect your innovation to wealth.
Once your venture is ready to take off, pitch your business to our network of interested investors. Our platform helps you create a marketable pitch that highlights your startup’s value proposition and business strengths before plugging you into the investor network.
We eliminate the expenses and time spent on travelling and attending networking opportunities by moving the process online, streamlining your pitch process. From the comfort of your office, you can connect yourself and your business to the right people.
Join the Canadian Wealth network today.

Our Service CanStart


As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to spend hours searching for affordable startup services. Put an end to the endless browsing with CanStart, a one-stop hub that connects you to the right services your venture needs to succeed. Tailored for startups, CanStart provides a wealth of services including IT, business coaching, payroll, writing, media content, and legal referrals at a fair, transparent price. It’s everything you need to take the next step.


Be a part of the startup community. Partner with CanStart as a recognized industry professional and we’ll connect our entrepreneurial clients to your professional services. By helping these clients start their ventures, you will grow your client base, expand your referral network, and increase your brand visibility. Contact us today.

Our Service EASYVC



It is easy and simple to register on EasyVC. Join us today!

Select your plan

Choose a plan that fits your company the best. Customizable options are available.

Create your pitch

Use our revolutionary pitch creator system. We make pitch creation exciting, not boring.

Raise Capital

When approved, you are ready to raise capital for your venture.



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