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Canadian Wealth

And we are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Canadian Wealth emerged as an integrated solution to the various problems entrepreneurs face at the start of their venture. Rather than expecting new businesses to search high and low for cost-friendly, accessible services, we connect startups to the right resources the first time. Our dynamic hub of collaborators draws together all the knowledge and support we wish we had when starting our own ventures.

Through a combination of a multifaceted expertise and a passion for what we do, Canadian Wealth is redefining the startup landscape. We are not only mentors but smart solution providers, ready to meet you where you’re at and push past the barriers many new ventures face.

We empower entrepreneurs to boldly pursue their business ideas with the tailored support they need to thrive. We look forward to working with you.

Meet the Founder

Alexandre Campagna
CEO & Founder of Canadian Wealth Inc.

I’m Alex Campagna, founder of Canadian Wealth. I began my entrepreneurial journey when I was 8 years old by selling my used toys on the lawn outside my home. Since then, I started my own landscaping business, worked in retail, and was a stock investor for 10 years.

Everywhere I’ve worked, I made it my mission to improve business and optimize sales by identifying weaknesses and coming up with real solutions. I started Canadian Wealth to help other entrepreneurs launch their own ventures and avoid the pitfalls I’ve experienced along the way.

I understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face in Canada— including the question of where and how to start. As always, I am happy to share my knowledge and expertise with you, and I look forward to supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.