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Meet Our Team

The success of an organization depends on the staffs, on how much
they love their job and willing to dedicate.


Alexandre Campagna is a Calgary-based entrepreneur who began his entrepreneurial journey at eight years old, selling his toys on the front lawn. Since then, he’s spent a decade in stock investment, eventually founding Canadian Wealth. Currently, he’s the CEO of Canadian Wealth and CFO in several emerging startups.

Alexandre Campagna
Founder and CEO


William Moraes has a BSc specializing in software engineering, but his passion for computers didn’t start overnight. At 13 years old, he developed his first mobile game app, and by 16 years old, he had developed a Minecraft served with over 150,000 people registered. Since joining Canadian Wealth, he’s grown his talent for coding and development, participating in all IT projects. When he’s not busy coding, he enjoys taking a break and going camping and fishing with friends and family.

William Moraes
Chief Technology Officer


I often get asked, why Canadian Wealth? And whether it’s a potential client asking for themselves or a friend asking about my work, the answer is the same: Because being apart of the Canadian Wealth family means having the most talented, passionate and caring support to help you achieve the success you always dreamed of.

Eric Bourcier
Sales Manager

Nisheal Developer

I love working with Canadian wealth because the team care about me as a person and about my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and we share the same vision, I like working with cutting edge technologies and that is what Canadian wealth is know for.